Counselling is a process for dealing with a specific problem or difficulty.

You might be struggling to cope with a problem at work, at home or in the family. You might be finding it hard to cope with the loss of your job, a bereavement or the ill health of a beloved. You might have been diagnosed with stress, anxiety or depression. You might be struggling to cope with the ever increasing demands of living your life. Things might just have become too much for you.

My Approach

Success in counselling usually comes when clients are helped to develop for themselves possible options for moving forward rather than being told what they should do. As it’s my belief that the client not only has the problem but also holds the solution, clients get the results they want and that work for them.

My approach will be to actively listen to you, without being judgmental, and encourage you to talk freely about your thoughts and feelings. I will feed my responses back to you, raising your awareness of your situation. It is through this awareness that you will more clearly see the choices you have and be able to identify more readily a possible solution, or way forward, that feels right for you.

People at first can be uncomfortable with the thought that they need counselling. So, you are not alone if you feel like this. But, it is very difficult to clearly evaluate what is going on in your life when you are part of the problem you want to solve and talking to a professional counsellor can help you find a solution to your problem.


Confidentiality is important for developing the trust between the client and counsellor that is key to a successful outcome to the counselling process. I always assure clients in the counselling room that ‘What is said between the four walls, stays between the four walls’.

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