Life Coaching

Life coaching has become very popular and you might be wondering why people would want to engage with a life coach. The reasons vary but my experience would say that you are likely to be seeking life coaching because

  • You are unhappy with where you are or what you are doing in your life.
  • You are feeling stuck or frustrated with yourself because you seemingly cannot make the things happen that you want.
  • You might feel you are going nowhere and are disappointed with what you have achieved.

Or because

  • You might feel that your life has no direction or purpose. Every day feels more like you are existing than living.
  • There is no challenge. You have nothing to reach out for.
  • You donít feel that you have realized your potential.

Or perhaps

  • You have reached an age where feel that you want to get more out of life.
  • You are wondering what life is about and what you have achieved.
  • You have developed a successful career but feel that it is not enough for you.
  • You are searching for more satisfaction from life rather than reward.

What Does Life Coaching Involve?

Life coaching is about unlocking your potential for maximising how you live your life.

It is a future-orientated but pragmatic process that will motivate you to identify what you want from your life and from yourself and will energise you towards achieving it. It will help you to understand where you are and where you want to be. It is about developing your dream and making it a reality.

Life coaching involves helping you to achieve clarity about what you want to achieve in your life, setting life goals and strategies for achieving them, exploring the obstacles and making them stepping stones for success rather than stumbling blocks. It is about both motivating you towards achieving those goals, keeping you focused while supporting you on the journey.

Next Step

If you think you might be interested in life coaching at my practice either in Trysull near Wolverhampton WV5 or Stratford-upon-Avon CV37, or want more information, why not call me for an informal chat or send an e.mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ? Please state your preferred practice location.

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