Relationship Counselling


The need for relationship constitutes a primary motivating experience of human behaviour.

It is the source of satisfaction for many of our most basic needs as a human being. Our experiences of relating to other people can have a significant effect on our feelings of self worth. However, while relationships have the potential to bring immense joy and happiness, they can also bring immense pain, heartache and unhappiness.

  • Relationships cover the multitude of interactions that you experience in your daily living. Here are some examples:
  • The problem might be in your interactions with your boss or work colleagues
  • There may be a problem in your relationship with a parent, teenager or childYou might have a problem with a friendship that is special to you
  • There may be a problem in your relationship, with your spouse or partner that threatens the future of the relationship

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling is usually for individuals who are experiencing problems in their interactions with other people.

Clients tell me that what helps them is being able to talk to somebody in confidence who is completely independent and with whom they can share a relationship problem that they would find difficult to share with family or friends. The say that it is especially helpful that the person is professionally and experienced in working with relationship problems.

As someone who is not involved in the relationship, I can offer a supportive but honest response that often makes the difference in being able to solve the problem. Family or friends may not tell you the truth as their instinct is to protect you from the hurt that they fear will result.

I have experience of working with a wide range of relationship problems over many years. Some examples are individuals who have problems in developing relationships and others who find it difficult to make relationships last. Others were aware that the patterns in their relationships over time kept repeating themselves but they were not able to understand why. Others have had problems with ending relationships or dealing the endings.

Next Step

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