I am flexible in our approach to how I meet the needs of clients but there are a number of core values inform my practice. They are:

You have the potential to develop

The potential to develop, be different, or change, is a characteristic of being human. So, you already have the resources within you to make changes in your life. Attending your first session is the first and probably the most significant step in making it happen.

You have the solution as well as the problem

The ability to tap into your inner wisdom is the key to you discovering and taking ownership of your own solution.

Awareness is the key to change

Awareness is the key to helping you take ownership of both the problem and the solution. It enables you to develop insights into your problem, into what is preventing you from solving the problem and into possible solutions.

Raising awareness is like somebody holding up a mirror so that you can see the patterns of your behaviour, and the underlying thinking and feelings, that can so easily become repetitive and self defeating.

You have choice

Awareness gives you the choice of either staying as you are or choosing to make the changes that will make a difference to your life.

You are not alone

Choosing to work with me makes the journey of change a shared experience. I wiill give you the encouragement and support that will enable you to live the life you choose.

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